Lets remove some music!

Remove all music from a recording.

This is a service for cleaning a radio recording and make it fit for publishing online with all music removed.

Upload an mp3, enter your email adress and wait for a link to a clean mp3 being sent to you.


This is a very experimental service being run on minimal budget. Your milage may vary and there are no guarantees.

This service is intended to be used for removing music from radio recordings so that they can be published as podcasts or for downloads without containing the music that was played on the radio show. It requires the recording to be typical radio recording where the speech and music go through different processing chains and can be clearly identified with signal processing. There is no AI or anything fancy (at least not yet). Just good old maths. This works perfect for some recordings, not at all for others.

This was built due to a need for publishing our local radio show online and it works perfect for that and is shared as-is in case it is of use to anyone else.

This site gathers no personal data and all files are removed at the latest after 5 days (generally after 2). Only email adress and filenames are saved for statistics purposes and will not be sold or used for any purpose other than running this service.